A hauntingly gorgeous, wickedly
elegant and aggressively alluring collection,

tweaked with American sensibility.
The silhouettes are all cut from luxurious silks,

wools, cottons, various skins and
furs, and adorned with sequin palliates, crystals,

beads and feathers. 

The color palette is a mix of slate gray, deep chocolate, burgundy,

olive, royal blue, Irish cream, rich black, and pure white.

The collection is structured in way that it exudes
a powerful richness of a warrior, yet approachable and wearable all-around.
It has been previewed by a few noteworthy fashion editors and influencers, and
is sure to be a winner amongst all.

Onyx Noir has appeared on such TV shows such as, MTV’s House of style, VH-1
Fashion Files, B.E.T and on Fashion Television both Germany & Japan.

His collections has been featured in such publications as, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Details,
Elle, Essence, Forbes FYI, Interview, Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, Paper
magazine, Vibe, Sport Wear International, Vogue Mexico and Women’s Wear
Daily to name a few...

He has dressed various celebrities such as The B52’s,
David Bowie, Kate Moss, Julie Brown, RuPaul, Mary J Blige, Radio Head, Terri &
..Monica, White Zombies, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and many more...

About Onyx Noir:

A New York Native, and Artist in every sense of the word.

Onyx has been a fixture on the Fashion scene since the ’80’s.
His muse is the energy and vibe of the big city fashion

After studying fashion design at Fashion Institute of Technology, he went to work
for several notable fashion houses, before going off on his own to create his own design
version in1989 with then partner Kanae Maeda.

Together they formed the infamous label:
Kanae &
Onyx, a  Sports Wear collection, which solid to over 250 stores worldwide.

In addition,
Onyx also co-owned two Kanae & Onyx  boutiques in New
York City’s East Village and a design studio & showroom in the garment district.

With over twenty years experience in the world of fashion, 
Onyx continues to live his dream  
creating beautiful collections  for both women and men around the world.

When he’s not busy designing for his private clients, he  gives back to the community by lending his time & talent to charities & causes that are near & dear to his heart.

For more information:

pressonyxnoir@gmail.com or 212.254.6664